Time for a New Roof? Five Ways to Tell

Protect Your Investment

Nowadays, weather events are more frequent and more extreme. It’s crucial to ensure every roof is providing reliable protection. Keep an eye open for subtle (and not-so-subtle!) clues that may point to major problems.

  • Water damage in the form of dampness in walls and ceilings.
  • Streaks or blotches in shingles that could be moss or algae.
  • Loose or displaced shingles mean it’s time to bring in a pro for a rooftop review.
  • Cracks or curls or blisters in shingles.
  • The roof’s age—time takes its toll on all things!

Be ready for what the future has in store with even better roofing alternatives. As a general rule, keep an eye on your roof—before and after weather events. Note any changes, and don’t delay in having a pro address them.

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